How to protect your railings and gates!

Over time a majority of railings, gates and architectural metalwork are exposed to the elements on a daily basis, an annual inspection and regular maintenance is essential to prolong and preserve the visual appearance and to protect your railings and gates.

Oxidation of ferrous metal, is most often caused by exposure to salt air, sea water, acids, acid rain and air pollutants. This process can be halted if metal is surface protected from these elements.

Historically iron and steel railings were only protected by paint or similar coatings that must be carefully maintained. Applying a good initial surface coating is the first stage of effective maintenance.

Here at Garrick Surface Coatings we will protect your railings and gates through the following procedures to ensure the visual appearance.

• Shot blast the items to remove any old paint and surface rust
• Prepare the surface with a primer for the adhesion of a powder coating
• Powder coat the surface from a choice of RAL and BS colours to give you the perfect finish.

The same procedure can be applied to motorcycle or car parts and old machinery.