New Investment

We are pleased and excited to announce due to new investment, we can now offer specialist Pyrolysis Stripping facility.
The new acquisition is a very modern equivalent to a ‘’ burn off oven’’, but it is much more temperature controlled, allowing the safe removal of a wide range of coatings: –

  • Polyester Powder
  • 2 Pack Wet Paints
  • Stove Enamel
  • Nylon
  • PTFE, FEP & PFA which are all used in the bakery industry.

The oven has been designed specifically and is extended beyond a normal run of the mill Burn Off to allow larger frameworks or structures to be stripped.
Oven Size: –
3200mm Length x 2100mm Height x 2000mm Width
Ideal stripping solution without the trouble of chemical trapage or effluence effect on the environment.

New large "Burn-off Oven" installed at Garrick Surface Coatings.

Garrick Surface Coatings - Burn off unit